FREETALK Everyman: Techland Review includes Audio Quality Test

freetalkeverymanlogos180px[1] Seems like Techland reviewer Doug Aamoth finally found a replacement for his vintage keyboard headset (what museum did he borrow that intro headset from?). For an entertaining review of the FREETALK Everyman watch the video:

And in his review you’ll find an audio comparison of the audio quality between FREETALK Everyman and another popular headset. His conclusion:

Bottom line: If you’re a Skype user and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a fancy headset, there’s not too much to think about with the Freetalk Everyman Headset priced at $23.

For other blogger and Twitter feedback check out:

And for a description of the FREETALK Everyman: FREETALK® Everyman for Skype: Not “Just Another Headset”!

Full disclosure: In Store Solutions has become a client of Denali InterConneXions, publisher of Voice On The Web, building on the author’s previous business development experience with establishing partnerships that can assist with the promotion of a primary vendor’s offerings. A more complete statement will follow shortly.

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