A Successor to Every Home Entertainment Device

Bill Gates keynote this evening of course introduced Windows Vista; however, it is not simply an operating system “upgrade” but rather a transformational product that brings media management and storage to the consumer audience. You can find more details in the multiple posts that will flow out; however, at the Bloghaus we were able to not only see but work with the forthcoming HP TouchSmart PC — representative of the many new types of hardware platforms that will be introduced with the Windows Vista launch. Two pictures: a side view ….

….and your morning weather report.

Features include:

  • touch screen
  • full support of TV, music, radio, photography, video and other home entertainment media
  • Sports Lounge to manage your professional sports fan activities
  • XBox controller support to fly around 3D images in Windows Live Local.

They seem to have left out any voice communications hardware, leaving an opening for Skype phones and related add-ons. One thing is certain: devices such as this will accelerate, but converge, the trend mentioned in this evening’s keynote where the younger demographic spends more time on the Internet than watching conventional TV.

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