Woops, Need to Edit that Skype Chat Message?

Two ways to edit Skype Chat messages

It’s always so frustrating, you post a message into a chat session and realize there are either typing errors, missing or duplicated words or, in retrospect, the message says the opposite of what you intended. Or maybe you put a message into the wrong chat session. With encrypted Skype Chat, there is an opportunity to redeem yourself. Skype for Windows 4.0 and later has two ways to edit a previous chat message and one way to remove previous messages, provided you edit fairly soon after posting a message:

  1. If it is the most recent message in a chat session, you can simply use the Up arrow to put the text of the message back into the editing window, edit the content and resend it.
  2. For messages sent in the previous 10 or 15 minutes, you can right click over the text of the message and a menu will appear with the options to “Edit Message” or “Remove Message”. Click on “Edit Message” and the highlighted chat message will re-appear in your editing window. Click on the blue “Send” button to change your message with edited content.

Of course, when you enter a message into the wrong chat window or simply want to pull back a message, the “Remove Message” does it very efficiently. Again this is available for about 15 minutes after you initially Send a message.

And it’s a similar process on the Mac where you see a slightly different menu, as shown to the right, but you get the picture.

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