Skype for Mobile Trial Demonstrates How Windows Mobile 5 is NOT a Blackberry Killer…

Last weekend an acquaintance wanted to demonstrate how Skype worked on his recently acquired Windows Mobile 5-based UTStarcomm PPC6700 mobile phone. The phone was operating on a Bell Mobility account using CDMA for the phone protocol and 1xEV-DO for data. One rather impressive feature is the keyboard that slides out sideways from under the main […]

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Data in Support of the Voice 2.0 Manifesto

With the turbulent migration to VoIP occurring in 2006, it will be interesting to track usage and subscriber data to support the impact of VoIP and Voice 2.0 business models. A couple of items that appeared this week: Skype vs Vonage in the UK: Heather Hopkins of Hitwise, an online Internet usage monitoring service, has […]

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Vonage IPO Post Mortems: Reaction and Comments…

At the end of the second day of trading Vonage (VG) closed at $13.00 with over 11.3 million shares traded today; down 24.6% from the IPO price. There is some interesting and inisghtul commentary coming out: Andy Abramson, VoIP Watch: My Thoughts on The Vonage IPO So really, this reaction to the stock price is […]

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SightSpeed Beta 4.6 Adds Phone

Yesterday I received an email from SightSpeed announcing On May 24, 2006, SightSpeed will release the next version of our award-winning video calling service. This new release will include significant new beta features, including SightSpeed Phone Out, which you can use to make great quality, low-cost telephone calls from your PC or Mac. Key Points: […]

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VoIP/Voice launches Cyberphone-W for Mac in UK

p>VoIP/Voice of Manchester, UK yesterday announced the release of its Cyberphone-W for Mac to the U.K. market. A Skype Certified Skype phone for the Mac . From the press release: …. This product broadens Skype’s appeal to consumers who prefer to use a conventional telephone handset and who opt not to be bound to their […]

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Setting Standards for Evaluation

With almost two months experience as a Skype Journal Associate Editor, it has become apparent that a Skype Journal editor could become a test technician for every product with aspirations to work with Skype. However, time is a limitation and one needs to somehow define that gray border between evaluating a product and providing consulting […]

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Skype Goal: “Better than a phone”

The highlight of today’s sessions at Voice over the Net Canada was a presentation by Stefan Oberg, General Manager, Skype for Desktop and Skype Hardware. Stefan’s theme built on Alec Saunders’ Voice 2.0 Manifesto by talking about how Skype is working to be “better than a phone”. After reviewing the history of text messaging from […]

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Skype for Outlook Release 1.0

By Jim Courtney, Toronto, Canada Two weeks ago Skype released version 1.0 of its Skype for Outlook Toolbar, which had been available in beta versions over the previous three months. From the Skype website: “This toolbar brings all your Skype and MS Outlook contacts together in one handy place. That means you’ll be able to […]

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