iSkoot LogoiSkoot provides the ability to call, and/or chat with, your Skype or SkypeOut contacts from a mobile smart phone, turning international calls into “local” calls. While chat sessions are carried out on the device, voice calls are initiated from the device but carried over the wireless network’s robust voice channel, usually at the cost of a “local” call for calls to Skype contacts. iSkoot also makes calls to SkypeOut contacts at the normal SkypeOut rates plus the cost of a “local” call. Smart phones supported include Blackberry, Nokia N-Series and E-Series, WIndow Mobile, Palm and others.

Summary from Supplier:

With iSkoot, a mobile phone user gets the power of PC calling as part of their normal communications capabilities. iSkoot eliminates the need for special hardware, headsets, microphones, broadband connections, USB phones and even PCs, and consumers don’t have to go looking for a WiFi hot spot.

Our iSkoot phone application, a small and simple piece of software, and our network gateway connect your voice network with a PC-PC network so that you can use your Internet phone service from a regular cell phone. Everything you can do with online phone services, you can now do on your cell phone powered by iSkoot.

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  • iSkoot
  • Supports Blackberry, Nokia N-Series, Nokia E-Series, Palm, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung Blackjack, HP iPAQ’s, etc.

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