Managing Presence and Other Mobivox Issues: A Response

On Friday I put about a post cautioning about using third party products, especially when in beta or not Skype certified. In response to my comments the Mobivox team has provided some insight into how they are approaching the potential for multi-device conflict when multiple logins to a Skype account have occurred:

  • Users are logged into Skype as "Invisible", reducing the risk of receiving chats or file transfer requests because the people do not see you as online
  • Mobivox will not loose a chat. A chat received while on Mobivox will be later transferred to the original user’s Skype account when s/he logs back in provided her/his contact is online. Their chat histories will sync together so s/he’ll get the chat back. Chats on Skype are peer-to-peer, histories always sync together provided one of the user clients keeps them. The only problem is the chat might appear as already received and be only in the history, it might not pop up. On the most recent Skype versions, it pops up as a new chat even if it was also received on another machine.
  • We are currently testing logging users with "Do Not Disturb" status instead of "Invisible". This effectively prevents the user from receiving chats. We need to fully test for any other side effects before moving such a change into our production environment.
  • When we call someone on Skype using Mobivox we will be sending them a chat message advising them that they should not be answering by chat.
  • The only time any of this applies is when you receive a chat or a file transfer request during a call using Mobivox.

My only issue is with the last statement as I was finding that, once I had made a call via Mobivox, I could no longer receive file transfers. I would get the text message associated with a file transfer but not the actual file transfer window. The Mobivox team is investigating this further. Some of this may be a result of the new feature for handling multi-device logins in Skype’s 3.2 for Windows; the problem here may be that all versions of Skype, including those on the various Skype phones, need to have this feature migrated to them to be consistent across individual logins.

With respect to VoxGirl’s voice recognition, the problem I mentioned relates to the use of non-alpha characters in a Skype name imported from my Skype contact list; Thus one needs to manually change "Phil Wolff | Skype Journal | Oakland" with the Mobivx contact editor to simply "Phil Wolff" (without the "|"). (These changes are not synced back to your Skype client.) As shown on the right all non-conforming names, for the purpose of speech recognition, are shown in red in the Mobivox address book; in this example above Mobivox does not like the Swedish "ö" character.

Finally, as to my search for a product that gives me a fully featured Mobile access to Skype over GSM networks, Mobivox CEO Stephane Marceau reminds me that they initially want to have a service that accesses Skype from any mobile phone, not simply "smart phones", such as Blackberries. But an associated IM client for smart phones would be a recommended feature for their future offerings.

Looking forward to trying out Mobivox once again when the file transfer issue is resolved

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