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Voyces.logo While attending eComm 2010 three weeks ago I was honored to be asked to join six other bloggers in providing weekly posts to, a blog that provides opinion, insight and perspective on developments in the IP-based and mobile communications space.

The initial two posts:

Has “Social Sharing” Become the “Nom du Jour”? provides a follow up to my previous Voice On The Web post on Jonathan Rosenberg’s keynote presentation at eComm 2010, The Rise of Real Time Sharing. Suddenly I was finding a rash of uses of the term “social sharing” and conclude with:

In six to nine months’ time maybe we’ll have a more pragmatic handle on what “social sharing” really means in terms of the emotions generated and the degree of interaction attained in practice.

  • Is it turning a “me” experience into a “we” experience?
  • Is it simply an emotion inducing “Kodak moment” or does it require more interactivity?
  • Is it an extension of the concept of a “family agent” to our friends and followers on our social networks?
  • Or is it simply another “nom du jour” catch phrase?

In the meantime social sharing remains an academic concept whose real value-add needs to be proven through real world experience incorporating real time communications .

The Missing BlackBerry SuperApp talks about RIM’s quest for SuperApps and how the most prominent missing SuperApp is the Skype for BlackBerry “direct to consumer” application. Just having it work over WiFi would meet my needs but more importantly for BlackBerry it would remove one more major negative to acquiring a competitive smartphone for which Skype has written a SuperApp. In conclusion:

…. if FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter are pervasive enough to trigger development of a BlackBerry SuperApp, Skype for BlackBerry has to be the one major “social sharing” SuperApp that is required to help RIM fight the smartphone battles currently being waged in the consumer and business markets.

It’s not a case where its presence would necessarily be winning sales at this point but rather it’s the absence of this application that contributes to losing BlackBerry sales across the consumer smartphone distribution channels. If, as stated at his WES 2010 presentation, Mike Lazaradis is looking to have 100 million BlackBerry users in the next couple of years,  and if Skype CEO Josh Silverman wants to make good on his “Skype Everywhere” goal, Skype for BlackBerry will have to be available soon.

Head over to the post for the details.

I look forward to working with Alec Saunders, Larry Lisser, Andy Abramson, Luca Filigheddu, Jamie Siminoff and Thomas Howe as develops its own “voice”.

Going forward Voice On The Web will continue to be my primary blog, with the goal of providing two to three posts a week on issues as well as hardware and software offerings in the Skype, IP-based communications and smartphone world. I’ll continue to post pointers to posts as well. Stay tuned for the ride.

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