BlackBerry 10 and It’s an Obvious Business Decision

BlackBerry.AtBat12.logoFor several years I have been an annual subscriber to’s At Bat applications for smartphones. In fact, I only subscribe for my BlackBerry and iPad as they charge $15 per season for each device and these are my most frequently referenced devices. Taking full advantage of fans’ devotion to following every pitch, they do not allow use on multiple devices per subscription. Last season, with a Playbook running OS 2.1, I often followed via the Playbook’s browser; it actually delivered most of the time sensitive information faster than running the app on my iPad and had no cost associated.

Also note that RIM continued to be a major sponsor of Blue Jays games on Rogers Sportsnet during the 2012 season; Rogers also owns the Blue Jays.

Obviously Major League Baseball has seen BlackBerry users as a significant revenue source in the past. Despite the current decline in the North American Blackberry user base, they view BlackBerry 10 as a significant potential revenue source for At Bat 2013. (Recall those surveys pointing out that BlackBerry app publishers actually make more revenues than iOS and Android publishers.) As a result it is no surprise that they sent their email list a promotional email for BlackBerry 10 yesterday, effectively all but  announcing that At Bat 2013 for BlackBerry 10 is coming:

Clicking on the image takes you to RIM’s BlackBerry 10 overview promotional site with links to stories about features such as the unique keyboard, BlackBerry Hub and the super fast browser. Combined with links to reviews and news stories, it’s definitely a “go-to” site for an overview of what RIM and third parties see as the key features of BlackBerry 10.

Two comments:

  • Hopefully, purchasing’s At Bat 2013 for Blackberry will allow use of the subscription on both the Playbook and BlackBerry 10
  • A few emails later I received another email from promoting Big Data cloud computing on EMC. Seems like has been providing access to their permission-based email list to other supported vendors as well. Given baseball’s historic association with a mountain of statistics on almost a pitch-by-pitch basis, they are an obvious user of Big Data via the cloud.
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