eComm Europe 2009: Taking You to the Bleeding Edge

During my three plus years of blogging, the most educational and informative conference for keeping up with innovation in the “Emerging Communications” space has been eComm, the Emerging Communications Conference (and now Awards). And now eComm is coming to Europe in two weeks.

eComm Europe Sponsors.2009Conference organizer Lee Dryburgh and his team of advisors have assembled many of the top thinkers and activists in the IP-based communications space with the goal to “promote and accelerate communications innovation”. On the website’s home page is an outline of the forthcoming changes foreseen:

  • Telecom is becoming software
  • Today’s model of the telephony and SMS cash-cows will significantly dry up long-term
  • “Phones” are becoming general purpose always-on computers
  • A march is underway to change how spectrum is allocated and utilised
  • Applications innovation is being democratised
  • The media industry is converging with personal communications
  • Internet-style ecosystems are starting to pressurise the traditional value chain
  • Search engines and computer manufactures are encroaching into the space
  • App downloads; media content and even communication streams are increasingly routing-around operator’s billing systems
  • The telecom kingdom is fragmenting daily.
  • It’s only at eComm that you will find respected experts such as Martin Geddes, Thomas Howe, Alan Duric, Brough Turner, Dean Bubley, James Enck, Jonathan Christensen, Jan Linden and Gerd Leonhard all under one roof at the same time. But amongst the others, there’s always at least one or two who will surprise us and challenge our thinking about how the telecommunications industry will evolve. While we all talk about “networking” from a technology perspective, the personal networking at eComm is just as valuable as the presentations.

    Also this week it was announced that Skype has taken on the role of Headline Sponsor of the show while innovative companies such as Voxbone, Voxeo, GIPS and Voice Sage are Platinum Sponsors. Without their support Lee would have to triple the registration fees and probably put the conference out of reach for many of the attendees.

    Alec Saunders has bought his tickets to go; have you? Click here for a 10% discount when registering.

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