NaBloPoMo–National Blog Posting Month: Daily Posts

This evening I found that friend Dan York has taken up the challenge of posting daily as a participant in BlogHer’s National Blog Posting month.

Often I would like to post something but have not come across anything that might be of interest to my audience. However, by following Twitter and Facebook as well as other activity I will try to come up with something daily, with priority on Skype, smartphones and tablets.

I’ll start with a review of Skype for Windows 8 on a Microsoft Surface. And I know of a Playbook app that’s coming along soon to complement this app’s presence on iOS and Android devices. (It was once on WebOS devices but we know where they have gone).

And I’ll have at least one post to discuss why I think BlackBerry 10 and Playbook has, or is putting together, the basics to have a successful launch.

Looking forward to an interesting month.

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