Will I use (Skype) Chat or email?

Seems that the discussion of the merits of email and (Skype) Chat are warming up again:

  • Andy highlights the delays in knowing who is really online in Skype; he also mentions he has been receiving some chat spam.
  • Jaanus admits that, despite claiming Skype chat to have many advantages over email fifteen months, ago he is still a heavy user of email.
  • Rebecca needs Skype presence to work in real time to effectively operate her MusicIP activities. She did at least get a personal response from Skype Customer Support.

Today at 2:46 a.m. I received an email from Andy; being an occasional nighthawk I responded to it immediately as I thought he wanted me to do an interview with one of his clients later in the day. Andy comes back (at 3:13 a.m.) with: “I just received this reply to a message from September 6th !!!!”. I looked again at the original and sure enough, the email was originally sent Sept. 6 as stated within the message. My network tells me I am not the only one to receive e-mails from Andy today (Sept. 20) that were sent Sept. 6. I guess it’s Andy’s snail-based communications system working its way across North America. (SMTP: Snail Message Transport Protocol?)

Anyway, it’s a great example for putting some perspective on the two nines (99%) reliability of the Internet. At least I seem to get most of my Skype chat messages within a few hours (minutes?) of their being sent.

May the debate continue!

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