Why You Need to Upgrade to Skype for Windows 3.2

and, if on 3.2, to the latest build.

As mentioned in a previous post during the April/May beta period for Skype 3.2, Skype has introduced some new sound engine technology into the Skype for Windows client. As one example discussed in the post reference above, it allows you to make Skype calls from a laptop without a headset. It involves, amongst other features:

  • Skype’s own audio codec
  • Skype improved conference mixer
  • Skype Jitteer Buffer and concealment
  • Skype audio preprocessing components.

But Skype has also upgraded their backend for Skypecasts earlier this week and at this time, you need to have Skype for Windows 3.2 to participate in Skypecasts. (Note that the revamped Skypecasts feature can also work with Skype for Mac 2.6 once they fix a bug.) To quote Villu Arak (who has taken over Jaanus’s role in communicating with the outside world):

Why do all that? As of June 13, older versions will simply no longer be compatible with Skypecasts. Sounds like a bummer, but it’s actually a good thing. The whole Skypecast experience will be better. And upgrading — even just for the hell of it — should make everyone feel good and fashionable anyway..

So it’s "sound advice" to upgrade to Skype 3.2. Actually it’s even more sound to upgrade to the latest build 163 released two days ago; alternatively access the upgrade via "Help | Check for Upgrades".. That appears to fix also a minor crashing bug when participating in Group Chats amongst other small but annoying issues.

With each new release, Skype’s engineers improve sound and video quality. And because we’ve replaced our audio engine in our most recent releases — it’s now fully built in-house — it’s worth bearing in mind that you may run into some bumps when a call is placed from an older version of Skype to newer versions.

And all I can say to "it;s now fully built in-house" is </end GIPS sound engine>.

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