What’s great with this WiFi picture?

The emerging proliferation of WiFi-enabled personal assistant devices, such as Nokia’s N-series and Mobile Windows phones, and PC’s requires a complementary build-out of WiFi infrastructure. During our current road trip to Atlantic Canada we have passed many “local” hotels where the main promotional feature is “Wireless High Speed Internet”, sometimes along with free continental breakfast and a couple of other amenities. We have been staying at a low cost hotels that meets our need for a clean room and an overnight bed; their services include free WiFi usually without even a login screen. So my question is: “Why do several multi-national chains, such as Hilton, still feel they have to charge a premium surcharge for high speed Internet?” when it has become critical not only to traditional business travel but also to tourists keeping in touch with their families and truckers keeping in touch with their dispatchers.

The Good News, however, is that market demand for high speed Internet is rapidly building infrastructure for Skype WiFi phones at travel destinations. Reminds me of the 1960’s when Color TV was the big differentiator in the lodging business, featured on highway signage.. (While available in the US from the late 50’s, color TV only came to Canada in 1967.)

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