Vonage – All About Digging a Hole

GigaOM today reported on Vonage’s latest results: new subscribers down, churn is up, ARPU is down, subscriber acquisition costs up. All indicators going in the wrong direction; in fact, one could say that Vonage continues to dig its own hole (as predicted here and here).

Maybe Vonage’s board could use Vonage’s latest service announced yesterday: calling 911 for assistance in digging holes. Hat tip to Garrett Smith at VoIP Supply for digging up this story.

Questions this raises:

  • Should not the FCC be developing e911 regulations? From the press release:
    • Note that 911 access depends on its availability within your area. States set their own timelines and procedures on when to call. In some states it is the law to call before you dig. Subscribers should check with their state and local governments for further information.
  • Is there a Vonage VP who became totally confused when he heard about Digg.com as a “user driven social content website”?

But we’ll all know when Skype is getting desperate – when they start stating: “Skype is not a telephony replacement service and cannot be used to dial 911 or other hole digging assistance phone numbers”.

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