Squawk Box Discusses eComm 2008

Over the past few weeks I have been calling into Alec Saunders’ daily SquawkBox where he uses iotum’s Free Conference Call on Facebook to discuss (and record) the issues of the day, usually with five to ten participants. In what was the best attended (17 participants) and most lively session yet, Dan York hosted (while Alec flew home from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain) a very engaging interview with Lee Dryburgh, founder of the Emerging Communications Conference (eComm 2008). Later Dan interviewed Thomas Howe, one of the eComm speakers and threw the session open for questions and commentary.

At one point I had to challenge the contention that Skype usage is falling off During the past week, concurrent online users has approached (but not crossed) 12 million around noon hour EST (GMT-5) – a long way from the sub-10 million numbers prior to Christmas. (And Borderless Communicator Hudson Barton figures there had to be 1.68 million new Skype users in the past month – I captured today’s snapshot since his charts are updated very frequently.) Also, while not widely publicized, Skype accounts from North America almost doubled in 2007 using eBay’s reported U.S. percentages as a proxy where US revenue increased 85%. Now if eBay would just release the same customer numbers as released by other US telcos instead of the SEC required bare minimum…

When Alec arrived home this afternoon, he put up a post on today’s SquawkBox where you can also click to hear the entire animated discussion.

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