SnagIt Elevates Skype to Dedicated Icon on Snag-It Toolbar

Over the past several years I have used TechSmith’s SnagIt to capture images from my desktop, insert them into my Office documents or even send them to Skype correspondents incorporating a two-click process. We have also seen the number of methods for File Transfer within Skype increase beyond eight.

With the release of SnagIt’s Skype Output plug-in for Skype, Skype now gets Toolbar Icon status on a peer level with Excel, Word, PowerPoint, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Evernote and Flickr. The one catch is that you need to upgrade to SnagIt 11.0.  Capture your image, single click on the Skype icon, select the Skype Contracts to whom you wish to send it (full instructions here) and a jpg (or other pre-designated graphics file type) is on its way.

You do need to install the Skype Output accessory once you have installed SnagIt 11. Just click on the icon on the left to go to the web page to locate and install it. Then when you have captured a new image, simply click on the Skype icon to continue as described above.

(Under review) SnagIt has added a second output mode that basically allows you to place your SnagIt captures as Sticky Notes on your desktop; You can then minimize, edit, enter a title, hide/restore these notes via a System Tray icon. Amazing for capturing those items you need temporarily on your desktop; works especially well for setups with dual screens where the Sticky (aka Post-It) Notes can be placed on the second (extended) screen.

And SnagIt has more small, but handy features associated with my daily PC activities.

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