SkypePro Subscription Extension Received

Being on a SkypePro subscription I have $3.00 taken out of my Skype Credits every month; it had been occurring on the 12th of the month with an email notification received two or three days prior to the due date. Tonight I received my notification for September with the credits to be taken on the 19th. True to their word, I am receiving my "goodwill gesture" seven day subscription extension announced August 21. And my monthly withdrawal date has been moved to the 19th.

When responsible at Quarterdeck in the early days of the commercial Internet for business development activities related to (dialup) Internet Service Providers, the primary reason for failure of an ISP was an inability to get their billing systems working to collect monthly revenues efficiently without manual intervention. Great to have verified that Skype’s automated back office subscription management system has the flexibility to adapt so transparently and seamlessly to these one-time situations. Congratulations to Skype’s customer services team on this one.

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