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Our friends over at iotum have determined that 40% of you will not go out to celebrate New Year’s Eve. For that 40% and even those amongst you who do celebrate they are attempting to establish a world record New Year’s Eve Countdown conference call as the biggest celebration on Facebook. Details:

  • Call organized at Free Conference Calls on Facebook
  • Time: 11:30 p.m. EST, December 31, 2008 (New York, Toronto, Montreal, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington) but open to those in other time zones who want to celebrate out-of-sync with their local time zone.
  • Register for the call and more details here.

Now while calling the conference number in the Minneapolis area (+ 1 218 936-6581) may be inexpensive or free for those in the U.S., calling from other countries, including Canada, may incur significant long distance charges. As a result iotum is recommending use of one of three services; one, of course, is to use SkypeOut (which I have used successfully in previous calls to Free Conference Call session).

Since I will be out at a movie and having a New Year’s Eve Chinese meal at friends I will be attempting to call in via Skype but using iSkoot on my Blackberry.

One participant has suggested that everyone sing Auld Land Syne in their own language. Unfortunately, as some of us know from attempting a Happy Birthday sing-along in the fall, latencies in the network will make this a totally aharmonious, ear piercing activity. Not recommended for the faint of ear.

Happy New Year

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