Skypeand VoIP Tidbits – A Friday review

Lots of activity out there involving the use of Skype and the VoIP market space.

Can using Skype via a rogue WiFi connection lead you into a life of crime? Where does the law draw the line? George Ou reports:

A man in London was arrested for using an open Wi-Fi network from someone’s unsecured broadband link from a nearby house. Similar arrests have happened in the US and this makes me wonder: Can owning a Wi-Fi Skype phone land you in jail?

Of course the best advice, from an access point owner’s viewpoint, is to ensure you have changed those insecure default settings on your WiFi access point hardware. But the law in this instance does need to catch up with the times.

Need cash? While overseas? Maureen Martin, needing a rent deposit for her lease in Copenhagen, has A Fantastic Technology Day. Can Skype become a factor in Western Union’s decline? (A more obvious candidate would be PayPal.)

50+ Mashables for Skype. Social networking news site puts out a Skype Toolbox listing over 50 enhancements involving Skype. Only one week left to enter the Skype Mashup competition.

An Inc 500 award in the VoIP market space: Fellow blogger Garrett Smith sent me an email yesterday mentioning that VoIP Supply has been named to Inc. Magazine’s 26th annual Inc 500 list of fastest growing companies. Greg Galitzine at Business VoIP on TMCnet has put up this interview with VoIP Supply’s CEO Ben Sayers. Indicative of the growth experienced:

GG: Please describe VoIP Supply’s growth over the past several years.

BS: Explosive and consistent has been the theme for the past few years. VoIP Supply experienced triple digit growth for the past four years and expects to see exponential growth throughout 2007. Triple digit growth at our current size would be fairly difficult without growth through acquisition.

The growth at this rate makes for a hectic business environment with many opportunities to succeed or fail. We experienced plenty of both, learned from them and landed with both feet on the ground. This is truly a testament to the hard work and dedication of the VoIP Supply staff.

Over the past year we have slowed the growth of headcount and focused on efficiency and automation. As a result, our revenues and customer base continue to grow while our expenses decline.

Congratulations to Ben, Garrett and the team at VoIP Supply; I have had the opportunity to visit Garrett and his colleagues a couple of times in the past year; their energy and enthusiasm combined with product knowledge and a good handle on Internet-based marketing all have contributed to this success. (Note the list has been expanded to the Inc 5000 but VoIP Supply is ranked at 389, putting them in the top 500, and 19th in the Telecommunications category, .)

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