Skype Tidbits: No Outage Here,;Is Skype Video Conferencing Coming Soon?

Tom Keating reports of difficulties logging onto Skype via Skype WiFi and Cordless PC-Free phones (Philips 841 and Linksys CT-320 both of which come from the same ODM). Since this issue only came to my attention this morning I can only report that the evaluation Topcom WebT@lker 5000 and Philips 841 units in my office are both working fine. I then checked my “almost a 3 Skypephone plus WiFi” (= iSkoot running on a Blackberry 8820 with WiFi for data such as Skype IM) and was able to place a call to the Skype Test Call service with no difficulty. Whatever was the issue seems to have gone away; all systems are working at this time (Monday noon EST).

(Note that the Philips and Linksys PC-Free cordless phones have no WiFi capability; they do use the DECT wireless standard for “cordless” communication between the handsets and base station.)

And a hint that video conferencing may soon be coming to Skype. According to a press release today from On2 Technologies, supplier of the video compression engine for Skype:

Skype has used On2’s award-winning VP7 video compression since 2005. VP7 technology is designed to provide superb video at very low data rates and perform efficiently on low-power processors. The new VP7 update is specifically designed for video conferencing, using optimizations targeted at stable camera video and processor scalability.

“In conjunction with Skype and partner Logitech, we have been able to optimize VP7 to achieve video-quality improvements while maintaining tremendous bandwidth efficiency,” said Bill Joll, president and CEO of On2 Technologies. “These are remarkable results for video conferencing. Users will find that they can get lifelike High Quality Video at 384 kbps1, a fraction of the bandwidth of most broadband connections.” [my bold]

Once the current Skype 3.6 beta featuring High Quality Video goes gold can we soon expect a beta Skype 3.n (where n>6) with video conferencing?

If you have any of the common security software packages, this should not be an issue but Skype has issued another malware alert re an item that masquerades as a chat message aimed at finding a lost girl

1384 kbps has been the minimum bandwidth requirement for acceptable quality video conferencing going back to its introduction in the mid-1990’s.)

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