Skype Sponsors Oprah’s “A New Earth” Web Event

Skype High Quality Video to be used in the world’s largest classroom.

oprahanewearthvideoFor all those who have complained that Skype has not generated enough awareness in North America, an event this evening (9 p.m. EST – GMT-5) should change all that. Skype, along with GM’s Chevrolet division and Post-It Notes, is sponsoring all ten weekly segments of’s “A New Earth” Web Event discussing Eckhart Tolle’s book: “A New Earth: Get Ready To Be Awakened“. With over 750,000 registrants, this could be, to quote Oprah from the video, the world’s largest classroom. Click on the image to hear Oprah’s message to Skype users.

Get Ready to Be Awakened Book ImageTowards the end of each segment, Oprah and Eckhart will be taking video questions using Skype’s High Quality Video. From all the questions submitted, Harpo, the producer, has selected several for a response during the seminar. Those asking the questions have been equipped with the requisite Logitech cameras and dual core PC’s such that they can use Skype’s High Quality Video. Obviously a significant logistics operation here; it will be interesting to watch and see what level of spontaneity is afforded by this arrangement.

To follow the “class”, you need to join Oprah’s Book Club and an opportunity will be presented to attend the event. Note that you also need to install the special movie player required to watch. One has to assume this player has been developed for large audience broadcast events.

I’ll watch and report back tomorrow.

Skype Journal on Skype’s High Quality Video:

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