Skype News Roundup: Crossing 11 Million Online; PlaySation Portable Update

At noon EST (GMT-5) today Skype had almost 11.2 million users online. This has been a relatively fast ramp up, given that the 10 million users online level was crossed just under four weeks ago at the beginning of CES 2008. Have to wonder if it’s partly the impact of the MySpace implementation. Of note is that Hudson Barton figures that the number of “real users” has increased by 2.4 million in January.

Following up on a CES 2008 announcement, on Tuesday, Sony released a system software update for its PlayStation Portable PSP-2000 (version 3.90) that includes a Skype client. I had a Skype conversation with someone using this new offering and found it to have excellent quality voice. It does require that you be in a WiFi zone along with a PSP headse, the Remote Control and a Memory Stick Duo. This edition of Skype provides voice only that also allows SkypeOut calls. See the video at the link above for a demonstration. No keyboard, no chat.

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