Skype News RoundUp

Seems like there are several Skype-related stories out this week:

Andy at VoIP Watch, in a post entitled Skype Giving More Away, has commented on the SkypeOut International calling promotion that Bill brought to our attention yesterday.

In my view this Skype is acting more and more like a real phone company, using promotions such as this, which is clearly sampling. In many ways this is much like the old MCI or Sprint switch campaigns that did battle with AT&T in the pre-divestiture and post divestiture era of the 1980’s.

PC Magazine has a report on security threats in 15 of the most popular software applications, including Skype. Bottom line: keep your software updated and you’ll minimize these threats. Many, such as Windows and Smyantec’s Norton products, incorporate an automatic update feature. While Skype has improved their update process in Skype 2.5, it is still not an “automatic”. Given they are going after a broader consumer market, let’s hope they get there in a future release. (Bill advised getting this upgrade a month ago in a post immediately after its release.)

Skype for Couch Potatoes? Om dug out Skype, Now on Your TV, commenting on Oregon Networks’ settop media browser “which allows information such as Skype’s in-coming caller ID and message alerts to be displayed on the television screen “. Looks like a feature that should be into TiVo as an option.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose! (The more things change, the more they stay the same.) Andy’s post, We Too, We Also, We Copy, brings back memories of my days with a formerly major utility software company where we always had to be super-careful about discussing new products with Microsoft personnel. Hopefully Scoble’s legacy of humanizing the people behind Microsoft and, by implication, putting out a more favorable public perception of Microsoft, has not withered away just as he is departing for a new venture. Only time will tell if Microsoft’s new offering competes with or complements iotum’s Relevance Engine. (And congratulations to iotum on winning another award.)

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