Skype Making an Appearance at CES

Next week is the annual CES 2008 gadget-fest in Las Vegas; both Phil and I will be there to report on the findings. In fact, we plan to meet up with many other bloggers at the BlogHaus organized by uberblogger Robert Scoble and sponsored by Seagate.

Yesterday Skype issued a press release announcing its participation at CES 2008:

Skype will be offering a sneak peek at the 2008 International CES of the newest devices and accessories on which the mobile Skype experience will be available to the more than 246 million registered Skype users worldwide. A wide variety of new and innovative wireless devices and accessories will be on display.


In addition, Skype will be connecting this years ShowStoppers media event with PodTechs BlogHaus at the Bellagio. This Virtual BlogHaus will take advantage of High Quality Video on Skype, the new benchmark for video calls over the Internet, to connect the two locations. Youll see a sharper and smoother video call, at 640×480 pixel resolution (VGA) at up to 30 frames per second. The experience will be so good, it might be better than actually being there.

Combine this with Skype’s forthcoming participation at MacWorld and it seems that we are starting to see more visibility from Skype in the public venues.

I have reported many times on Skype on mobile devices and had an opportunity to evaluate the many solutions (and even have a 3 Skypephone which I cannot hook up to a North American network but do have a good feel for its feature set). Looking forward to reporting on new developments with respect to Skype’s participation in this space early next week.

And with a huge bandwidth pipe into BlogHaus, this will be a great test of Skype’s High Quality Video in a more public venue (webcams will be available to try out).

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