Skype Loses Its Most Public Face But Recruits An Addict

I have just read Ike Roelfsema’s post on "Skype Goodbye and Skype Hello". Seems like Jaanus Kase has been bitten by the academic bug and is returning to University. Jaanus picks his study subjects well; I have always respected Carnegie Mellon as having one of the best programs involving human interactions with digital technology. From not only cost effective but also results oriented software development processes to actual human-computer interfacing, they have always had some of the best programs; I have had the pleasure of working with some of their methodologies and graduates.

While at Skype, Jaanus has become probably Skype’s most public face through his authorship of some of the most read Skype blogs, his hosting of Skype’s Group Chats on Skype topics referenced elsewhere here on Skype Journal and his participation in many Skype events. Thanks Jaanus!

Ike, who has long been a Skype "addict", a Skype Forum moderator, publisher of her Skype Lifestyle blog and builder of a business structured around introducing Skype-based processes into business services, has just spent her first day, as a Skype Consultant, as full-time Head of Communications and Forum Operations. As such she is filling Jaanus role and beyond.

Our best wishes for success to both Jaanus as a student and Ike as the new "most public" face of Skype.

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