Skype Journal Covering Mesh 2007

Building on the success of last year’s initial mesh conference in Toronto, Mark Evans, Mathew Ingram, Stuart MacDonald, Mike McDerment and Rob Hyndman and their event management team have once again organized mesh 2007 described as …

… a chance to connect with people who are as excited about the potential of the Web as you are – people who want to know more about how it is changing the way we live, work and interact with the world.

Under the theme "connect, share, inspire" they are providing a forum to exchange experiences, concepts and ideas about how the web is not only disrupting old business models but also "creating new ways for us to communicate, collaborate, entertain and inform".

And why is mesh happening?

mesh is happening because five people with an enthusiasm for the Web and all the next-generation things happening around us decided an event like this one had to take place in Toronto. Events connecting Web ideas and leaders of the future are going on everyday around the world – Geneva has LIFT, Paris has Les Blogs, New York has BlogOn and Italy has, well, Italy has Venice, it doesn’t really need anything else – and now Toronto has mesh so we can be part of the Web 2.0 conversation.

Looking forward to providing coverage of this event and to hearing keynote panelists such as Michael Arrington, Richard Edelman, Jim Buckmaster (craigslist) and many others.

And with WiFi at the show I’ll still be available on Skype. (Since there are very few WiFi access points in the building WiFi actually worked very well there last year.)

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