Skype Group Chat Survey

VoltNincs on the Skype Forums has initiated a survey asking "In how many group chats are you participating?" If you participate in at least one Group Chat or Public Chat, add your vote.

Two super heavy users have put up a response to day they are in 40 to 100 chats. And we thought heavy Twitter users were addictive. But in these cases it is helping their Skype business activities become more productive.

Another has commented "The amount of irrelevant chat outweighs what the chat was originally started for". Skype Group/Public Chat provides two tools for managing that situation. A designated Host can make and enforce the rules, including:

  1. Set the Topic to Establish a reference point for any discussion
  2. Make a participant "Read Only"
  3. "Eject and Ban" one who does not "get it".

Following these guidelines has kept discussion on Skype Journal’s "Skype 3.x discussion" Public Chat which has been active since the introduction of Public Chat last May. And there are eleven designated Hosts who will enforce these guidelines at any hour of the day.

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