Skype for Nokia N800 Available

Today an upgrade release for the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet’s OS 2007 became available. Two steps:

  • Ensure you have the Nokia Software Update Wizard installed on your PC.
  • Run the Update Wizard (more information on the page linked above)

Three new features:

  • The long awaited Skype client
  • Adoble Flash 9 Browser plug-in
  • Support for up to 8GB memory cards (taking full potential capacity to 16GB)

It also appears they have taken steps to improve the battery life, especially with respect to power consumption involving the rather critical wireless connection. And they claim to have improved the touch screen sensitivity — something I have found at times a bit of a challenge.

Back in March Om wrote a post on why he feels Skype is so important for this device. And it certainly was seen to be an obvious addition when I first reviewed the N800 in late April..

I will be installing this upgrade after I return home this weekend and hope to put out a review next week. Phil has just received an N800 via the Nokia Blogger Relations program..

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