Skype for Mobile Trial Demonstrates How Windows Mobile 5 is NOT a Blackberry Killer…

Last weekend an acquaintance wanted to demonstrate how Skype worked on his recently acquired Windows Mobile 5-based UTStarcomm PPC6700 mobile phone. The phone was operating on a Bell Mobility account using CDMA for the phone protocol and 1xEV-DO for data. One rather impressive feature is the keyboard that slides out sideways from under the main display screen; pulling out the keyboard automatically rotates the display to landscape mode. Skype for Mobile was installed, resulting in the availability of an additional service for voice calls.

So my acquaintance let me try Skype. Tried to “Start” it by selecting Skype on the Programs menu — no action ; the client simply would not open. Finally resorted to the same trick I use on my Dell Axim X50v when a program won’t open: perform a soft reboot. One “bug” they forgot to improve from Windows Mobile 2003 SE. After the soft reboot I was finally able to log onto Skype.

Putting aside the “Push email” issue associated with the Blackberry’s fundamental operating mode, as long as Windows Mobile requires random reboots and has other similar “operational” issues that impede immediate access to desired functionality, it will not be a “Blackberry Killer”. Show me the business executive who wants to have to occasionally reboot in order to check email.

I will be doing some additional testing of Skype for Mobile on this unit and hope to report back shortly on its performance.

Full disclosure: the author owns a few hundred Research in Motion shares that he has held since 1998.

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