Skype Conference Calls – Now Supports up to 25 Participants

Feedback from my recent post on the Unlimited Calling Plans: turns out that somewhere -unannounced – in a recent version upgrade release, Skype for Windows will now support up to 25 participants on a Skype Conference Call. While the host must be on Skype for Windows, participants can be on any version of Skype or be on a PSTN connection via SkypeOut.

What is the impact for VAPPS’ HiDef Conferencing? HiDef Conferencing continues to have the following features:

  • Complete business grade conferencing hosted on a VAPPS server rather than being reliant on the configuration and connection of the host’s PC.
  • HiDef Conference calls may be scheduled.
  • Calls can be recorded and archived
  • Lecture Mode provides host with more control over participants’ level of participation (muting/unmuting, hand raising, etc.)
  • Telephone dial pad commands (for SkypeOut participants and/or use via Skype’s dialpad tab)

Skype’s Conference Call feature is more appropriate for ad hoc or spontaneous, informal multi-party calls such as family calls. It’s still a long way advanced from the "three party call" feature I previously had on my Bell Canada PSTN line. But when it’s mission critical for business, HiDef Conferencing is much more robust, feature rich and transparent to the meeting agenda.

Skype for Mac and Skype for Linux continue to support hosting of ten participant conference calls.

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