Skype Breaks Through 8-Digit Psychological Barrier

Earlier today, as confirmed to me by a couple of Contacts, and more recently by Skype PR, Skype, for the first time passed 10 million users concurrently online. That’s about seven (7) Estonias or almost the combined population of Estonia and Sweden.

What has been also noticeable the past couple of weeks is that this number remains above 9 million well into the North American Eastern time zone afternoon. The count on the right was captured at 1408h EDT (1808 GMT) today.

In a few hours we will see the third quarter results for eBay with the limited information regularly provided about Skype. We can easily speculate that there will be over 240 million Skype accounts registered but we also know these accounts go stale over time (especially now that Skype is over four years old); there are multiple accounts for a single user, along with other reasons to question the actual number of active accounts.

At this point it would be most helpful to analysts and shareholders if eBay would divulge Skype numbers along the lines of what is revealed by the legacy telcos, such as number of Skype users who actually made at least one call during the past quarter, number of subscribers to revenue services, such as SkypeIn/SkypeOut/Voice Mail, Unlimted North American Calling and SkypePro, and % of revenue that comes from each of communications services, hardware royalties and software-related revenues (licensing and royalties).

Skype is playing with the big boys in terms of usage; time to play with them in terms of reporting. Rather than providing information which, in any event, would be of minimum value to competitors, of overriding importance is that providing these numbers could be a stimulus to increased usage, especially in the small-to-medium business sector.

And, at 1437 EDT, there are still 9,673,000 online.

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