Skype Announces Support for New Mobile Platforms.

In two press releases yesterday Skype announced two directions for Skype deployment on (handheld) mobile platforms:

Extending Skype’s presence to existing devices including:

  • Nokia 810, an upgrade of the Nokia 800 with a pull-out keyboard as one significant new feature.
  • Sony mylo Communicator, COM-2, the next release of the Sony mylo personal communicator.
  • and, as written up by Phil last week, the Sony PSP (PlayStation®Portable). In this case a new system software update, available in late January, will retro-inistall Skype onto existing devices.
  • also mentioned in the press releaes are the 3 Skypephone and FreeTalk Wireless Stereo headset, both of which have been previously discussed on Skype Journal.

And, in a platform partnership announcement, Skype announced plans to collaborate with Intel Corporation to develop a mobile Skype experience for Intel’s recently launched Mobile Internet Devices initiative based on Intel low-power processors and chipsets. In this case we can expect to see devices supporting not only voice and chat but also, in some cases, with video:

The collaboration builds on the familiarity and ease of use of Skype software and makes that experience mobile. MID users will be able to make Skype voice and video calls and send instant messages on the move, while harnessing the PC-like performance of Intel’s new ultra-mobile platform. MID devices with WiMAX and WiFi capabilities will enable free Skype-to-Skype voice and video calls and cheap SkypeOut™ calls – calls from Skype to landline and mobile phone numbers anywhere in the world at low per-minute rates – to be made on open wireless networks.

We’ll be looking for these, along with new Skype-enabled devices from Belkin, Philips and iPevo, while walking the floor at CES 2008.

Update: Andy mentions rumors that the 3 Skypephone can be activated to run on a North American network, such as AT&T or Rogers. But as the phone only supports the 1900 MHz band used by North American GSM carriers, you would encounter blind spots as you move around.

The banner above hangs at the main entrance to the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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