Skype 3.5 Goes Gold

Earlier today Skype released the Gold version of Skype 3.5 for Windows. While we have discussed some of the new features previously, a quick summary includes:

  • Skype video snapshot: capture a snapshot of your remote party during a Skype video call
  • Share videos via your mood message: download videos from independent video-sharing sites Dailymotion and Metacafe for inclusion in your Skype mood. Or create your own video for sharing via these services.
  • Include video content in Skype chat.
  • Call Transfer: Skype to Skype Call Transfer is free; requires Skype Pro subscription for Skype to SkypeOut or SkypeIn to Skype call transfers.
  • Auto redial: redials a busy number every minute automatically until a call is answered. (Redial delay can be reset in Options | Calls | Call Settings | Show Advanced Options.)
  • Privacy issues: Your home/business/mobile phone numbers are only displayed to your accepted Skype contacts, and not to everyone on Skype, when viewing your profile, etc.
  • Option to automatically start the Extras Manager when starting Skype.

Full press release with Skype’s perspective on the new video features.

I was able to upgrade quite smoothly via the "Help | Check for Upgrades" menu item in my Skype 3.2 client; however, it you need to start fresh download Skype 3.5 here. Release Notes.

(Note toSkypeMe users on Facebook: on upgrading to Skype 3.5 you will have to reset "Allow my status to be shown on the web" in the Skype 3.5’s Options in order that SkypeMe shows your status.)

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