Skype 3.2 Goes Gold

Just downloaded the Gold version of Skype 3.2. While there are a few minor changes identified in the Release Notes, Jaanus has the full story here where he talks about the improved call quality discussed in a previous Skype Journal post:

One thing that’s not obvious in the user interface but that you’ll surely notice during your calls is (yet again) improved call quality and echo cancellation, including with things like laptop microphones and speakers. We always recommend using dedicated hardware like a headset for best quality, but if you really have to call and don’t have any around, quality with this version is now again improved. We remain committed to providing the best call quality in Skype and continue our research and development activities in this area.

One feature about the MacBook that impressed me when I first saw one being started up was the ability to take a "self-photo" as an element of your Mac profile. With this release there is no longer any excuse for lack of a photo in your Skype profile, provided you have a webcam. Skype 3.2 includes a feature that allows you to take a snapshot. And the Skype folks are promoting this feature through a "video snapshots human emoticon competition".

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