Rogers Becomes First North American Carrier to Support Nokia N-Series

Today Canada’s exclusve GSM carrier, Rogers Wireless, is breaking new ground on the North American wireless carrier scene with:

  • launch of support for a Nokia N-series multi-media phone: N95 8GB
  • expanded geographical coverage of HSPA 3G network to 25 major Canadian metropolitan areas
  • expansion of its wireless video calling offerings along with additional "Rogers Vision": video services
  • new pricing plans with some "unlimited" features

For $20 per month Rogers is offering unlimited web browsing, email, IM on Live Messenger, Yahoo and AIM, 2500 SMS messages sent, 1000 pictures and video message sent, enhanced voice mail, call display (with name). Should you sign up for a 3 year plan, Rogers Vision package, including a $100 device discount, 12 months of local video calling and a 3 month trial of 25 XM satellite radio channels along with video on demand.

Under the Nokia Blogger Relations program I have had the use of the original Nokia N95 which has become a key workhouse for several of my activities … but mostly using its WiFi connectivity since Canadian data plans were so limited (and expensive). Amongst these applications are:

  • SlingPlayer for Symbian to remotely watch my own cable TV service
  • to live stream video to the Internet
  • GMail to monitor my email activity
  • Truphone for making VoIP calls to both other Truphone users as well as the PSTN from WiFi access points
  • iSkoot to call Skype contacts over the voice network
  • FM Radio to provide audio for the television sets at my workout location
  • the 5-Megapixel camera for both still photography and video recording

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