Remember “ET Call Home”? Now It’s “Skype Call Home”!

New enhancements to Skype Web Toolbar add three new cool features.

As mentioned in a previous post, I never dial phone numbers; one of my key tools is use of the Skype Web Toolbar for Firefox. (Firefox 2 is my default browser; MSIE 7 just does not cut the mustard!) With a couple of clicks I can SkypeOut to any phone number detected on a web page. Great for Canada411 lookups.

Now Skype has enhanced its Web Toolbar to version 2.3 with three new features:

  • Highlighting PayPal merchants found in a Google, Live/MSN or Ask! search. Uses an algorithm guaranteed not to slow down your searches.
  • Saving images to Skype: select an image, right click on it and select "Share with a Friend". The image is sent as a file to the designated Skype contact. Or select "Set as my Skype Avatar". One more nifty file transfer feature that complements previously reported file transfer features.
  • But here is the most powerful feature: Call from home with Skype. Right click on a phone number, select "Call with home phone". Skype will then call your home phone, followed by calling the designated phone number on the web page and drops out of the picture once the connection is made. It is charged as two SkypeOut calls (including two connection charges). Is this the start of Skype’s response to what Andy calls "minute stealers" such as Jajah?

Peter Kalmstrom, Skype’s Toolbars team leader has posted details here. When updating your Firefox Skype Toolbar to version 2.3, note that you must first uninstall any previous versions. (Uninstall is one of the Options available in the Skype Web Toolbar.)

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