PamFax – Adding Click-to-Fax

Single click access to PamConsult’s PamFax to be integrated into Skype’s Toolbars for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

I have previously blogged about Skype’s Toolbars for Firefox and Internet Explorer. At this point, these toolbars create a click-to-call from any number identified on a web page; they are optional with an installation of the Skype for Windows client. I use them quite often in my daily activities; simply click on the created Skype button, confirm that you are making a SkypeOut call and launch the call.

I have also previously blogged about PamFax, which effectively creates a Windows printer for sending documents (whether scanned in or in one of several Windows document formats) to any fax machine worldwide. Five or six clicks to send a fax.

Today I learned that PamConsult and the Skype Toolbar team have been working together to develop a click-to-fax extension to the Skype browser toolbars. While still in beta, you can download either of them here. For Firefox it becomes another plug-in that is an extension of the Skype Toolbar for Firefox.

Simply click on the link and, if you have previously installed PamFax, it launches with the fax number “pre-inserted”. You can then scan in, or select, a document for faxing to the destination fax machine. Eventually this feature will be an option during installation of the Skype for Windows client. If you have not previously installed PamFax you will be taken to the PamFax download site.

PamConsult has also performed some service upgrades and announced a new referral-to-a-friend incentive program as outlined on this PamNews blog post.

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