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Om Malik’s heart attack three months ago came as a shock to many of my colleagues in the IP communications blogger space. Since then I have suddenly lost two friends who appeared to be in good health — one due to a brain aneurysm and the other due to failure to consult a physician when adverse symptoms appeared. About six years ago modern imaging technologies found within me a condition which often is a "silent killer". Fortunately surgery has repaired this condition and I now live in gratitude for every day I am here. And I am fortunate enough to have a son who is doing a cardiology fellowship along with leading medical imaging research projects. So I hear many other stories about the fragility of our individual cardiovascular systems and the abuse they have to take due to neglect.

Friday Om posted an update, What The Past Three Months Have Taught Me, along with an articulation of the many lessons he has learned during his recovery (and my network says he still is not back up to full speed). His lessons:

  • Simplicity through Elimination – this should really be a key theme of, and direction for, many of our technologies today. Enough said.
  • Empower to Power Up: Delegation is the secret. When I did my guest GigaOm guest post in January, working with his Managing Editor, I came away realizing that Om has nothing to worry about – with the team he has the GigaOm brand will survive any disruptions caused by a sudden turn of events, such as Om’s heart attack. If there is one truth about management it is in Om’s statement:

I think one of the biggest problems I had as a first-time entrepreneur was an inability to let go; I was always second-guessing every decision not made by myself and was obsessed with minutiae. Three months on, having seen the Giga Gang at work, I realized what a mistake that was. You empower people, and in turn they power you to do good things. Now I am finding more time to focus on writing, reporting and spending time on projects like our upcoming conference, Structure 08.

A final thought: Some may call me a Skype cheerleader. But guess what … cheerleading, when it’s earned, is a lot less stressful on your health than constant fault finding and complaining. And when criticism is deserved, helpful constructive criticism is the only response. I do Skype Journal gigs because it’s fun, because there are some great people in this industry and because, hopefully, it will help someone, somewhere make a key communication that changes his/her life for the better. And it’s a proven fact that helping others brings healthful rewards to the givers.

Keep writing up those lessons, Om. And, as Om suggests, get a cardiac check-up regularly.

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