New Platform for Skype Forums Launched

Jaanus Kase. Skype’s Chief Blogging Officer who visited Phil in Oakland, is also the Chief Skype Forum Officer and has recently completed leading the transition of Skype’s Forums to a new platform that provides both visible and backend improvements resulting in a much more resilient and secure forum ecosystem. Key issues included login protocol, security and anti-spam measures. So what’s changed? From Jaanus’ Announcement: Welcome to the new Skype Forums post:

Here are the most important changes.

  • separate forum logins discontinued – you now use Skype Name
  • new forum platform – means more security, less spam, new features
  • layout and skin changes – you can now use the Skype Emoticons and Skype My Pictures
  • admin team reorganization – see below, “Who’s who”
  • structure changes

The most important “first use” change is the “Identity Re-claim” process for transitioning to using your Skype login information as the login to the new forums. But it’s effectively the usual Skype login web page process; you do need to think about what you want to use as your Forum Display Name (which is independent of your Skype Name and becomes your identity on Skype Forum posts). The details are on the Announcement page linked above.

Jaanus, on his personal blog, has written a much more detailed description of the more than year-long process his Skype team went through in identifying problems with the previous php-BB-s platform, determining the objectives of the “forum remake”, deciding on a new platform (Invision Power Board) and then executing on the transition in as seamless a manner as possible. In addition to making the change in login protocol, the most important considerations was to not lose access to three years of user feedback and passion. Makes for an especially good read if you’re involved in managing a similar user forum.

Our congratulations to Jaanus and his team for such a successful transition. And may the user passion continue to be expressed!

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