Mesh — Day 2 and Session Transcripts

About to head down for the second day of mesh 2007 with its themes of Marketing and Business. Looking forward to discussions with keynote Connectors such as Global CEO of the PR firm of the same name, Richard Edelman, and Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster.

At some sessions I have been sitting with proficient blogger, Tony Hung, who publishes Deep Jive Interests and is editor of BlogHerald, one of the oldest blogging institutions in the blogosphere. Tony has effectively transcribed most of the sessions (except the one where he was a panelist) here for reproducing details of the session conversations. If Tony ever leaves medicine, court reporting could be a career. In Tony’s summary of the day’s events you will find a "small world story" but "Jim" will suffice for an appellation, Tony.

I am gathering several experiences of Skype usage in not simply business but also television production applications. More to follow when I write my response to Alec Saunders post of desperation (really with Windows but, as I state in the comments, MS DNA has a long half-life). Basically I am finding a very positive attitude towards Skype for those who have made it a critical tool for their activities where business operations or maintaining personal contacts.

More to follow; must run to catch the Richard Edelman session.

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