Jeff Pulver Comments: I Come to Praise Skype….

Yesterday, VoIP industry pioneer and visionary Jeff Pulver put out his post commenting on the changes at Skype: I Come to Praise Skype, not to Bury Them. Jeff, better than any of us, understands the value of VoIP technology as contributing to a platform for building communities through real time conversations: He stands by, and quotes, his words posted at the time of eBay’s Skype acquisition and follows them up with:

Back then I also was thinking how eBay might be able to leverage the power of Skype in a private eBay Social Media platform when I wrote: "Unlike traditional voice communications providers, eBay gets the concept of community and community building. Adding a rich IP-based communications capability — including IM, voice and presence applications — to its community should dramatically enhance the value of and services available to eBay’s community…

And closes with:

My advice to the current eBay team is to take notice of a suggestion I first suggested on September 12, 2005 which was ridiculed at the time by "If you take the elements of eBay, including the micro-payments capability of Paypal and, now, the IP-based communications capabilities of Skype, we may be seeing the formation of the next Reuters." And if not Reuters, than at least Brokerage Firm 2.0.

Having attended two eBay Live events and absorbed some of the eBay Reseller culture, my advice to the new CEO is to leverage the eBay relationship by training eBay Resellers on how to use Skype and then let them decide how to build out their Skype ecosystem within the eBay community. As suggested in a post after this year’s eBay Live, it starts with education; the Resellers’ curiosity and will to learn is there.

Thanks, Jeff. I know the Skype teams will appreciate your support and vision at this time.

Now back to my series on A Primer for Skype’s Direction.

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