GigaOm Guest Post: Skype On The Go

Many of our readers probably also follow GigaOm, often regarded as one of the premier weblogs tracking developments in businesses built around evolving technology and the technology innovations behind those businesses.

On the last Friday of 2007, GigaOm’s founder and chief driving force, Om Malik, suffered a heart attack (at a rather young age); Om has sworn off smoking, cholesterol-infused diets and other vices that can contribute to such an occurrence; it appears that an exercise regimen will also be one outcome of his rehab. Om has been able to return home for his recovery and rehab; he has been supported by his team of reporters in ensuring that GigaOm’s coverage of our industry does not suffer. He has been able to attend one recent event for a couple of hours but is otherwise making occasional contributions to GigaOm from home.

I lost my father at a somewhat too early age due to heart problems that were exacerbated by smoking. My oldest son is a cardiology fellow as well as an engineer; he has already been involved in the establishment and sale of one company that developed a device for relieving the obstruction causing heart attacks (if you get to the hospital within a few hours). He is not afraid to occasionally remind me of how to live a "heart healthy" lifestyle. And I am still here due to the skilled work of a cardiovascular surgeon just over two years ago; I also am on a program to manage blood pressure issues. So hearing of a story such as Om’s hits pretty close to home for me. (And I know it was an eye-opener for Om’s friend Andy .)

Shortly after word of Om’s condition came out I was asked to write a guest post for GigaOm. Since there appears to be lots of confusion, ambiguity and misconception about migrating a VoIP service to mobile devices, I elected to follow up on Skype’s "mobile" theme at CES 2008 with an overview post discussing what is behind Skype’s current activity, availability and access on mobile devices; the post has been aptly named by GigaOm editors "Skype On The Go".

But, much more importantly, the ultimate tribute to Om would be if we all take the time to check out our own individual cardiovascular condition (Canadians can go here) and change to a lifestyle that contributes to a healthy heart. And make a contribution to the American Heart Association, the Heart and Stroke Foundation Canada or a similar organization in your home country.

Om, your team is doing a great job during your recovery; they are all to be commended. Special thanks go out to Carolyn Pritchard, GigaOm’s Managing Editor and Chief Vancouver Canucks Fan, who so ably managed the editorial process that made this a much better post than I would have provided on my own. It was a terrific educational process for me. Finally thanks to Andy Abramson for referring me to Carolyn.

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