Embedded Skype: Is It Powered by Veri-Call or GIPS?

Since its inception the secret sauce that results in the excellent voice quality of Skype-to-Skype calls and facilitates quality in Skype-to/from_SkypeIn/Out calls has been the Voice Engine for PC and Voice Engine for (Windows) Mobile licensed by Skype from Global IP Sound (often referred to as “GIPS”). Monday came the announcement that Skype has licensed a second player for voice engine software in embedded, PC-free consumer devices, namely, Trinity Convergence. Trinity’s Veri-Call Edge software brings their many years of silicon-device independent software development into the Skype stand-alone PC-free device space.

The agreement benefits hardware manufacturers by providing a software bundle that allows them to efficiently and cost-effectively design Internet calling and the Skype user experience into devices such as wired phones, WiFi phones and multi-function personal communication devices. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs) will leverage the software bundle to shorten product development cycles and accelerate their time-to-market.

The first device to employ Trinity Convergence’s software will be the forthcoming Sony Mylo which should be available later this month. Additional devices under development include a Skype phone from Universal Scientific Industrial, a Taipei-based ODM (prototype in the photo) and a currently anonymous dual mode WiFi-GSM phone.

In an interview with Mark Felice, a Trinity Convergence Founder and their VP Sales and Business Development, he pointed out:

  • Trinity’s software development experience is solely associated with resource-limited embedded devices, requiring optimization of both processor and memory use
  • Skype wants to drive the cost out of hardware to have the most efficient implementation in unique devices
  • Veri-Call Edge software provides not only the VoIP element but also incorporates modules to handle echo cancellation, security, packet handling, call control and network services functionality.
  • The Veri-Call Edge software is silicon-platform independent in that it can work with multiple processors and associated hardware configurations, assisting in their overall mission to reduce time-to-market for its ODM customers. Typical timeframes from code drop to product launch are under 90 days.

I asked Manrique Brenes, Skype’s Director of Hardware Business Development, why Skype had licensed a second voice engine. His response was that Skype wants to provide their hardware partners, such as Sony and Ascalade, with options for selecting what they feel will be the best voice engine for their individual requirements. At the same time, by licensing through Skype, Skype can ensure they maintain the voice quality for which Skype has become reknown. (Ed: That is confirmed when you hear unsolicited positive comments about Skype’s voice quality while wandering the VON Fall exhibit floor.)

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