Congratulations …. Andy, Ken and “Dona naturae pro populo sunt”

Two bloggers in the IP communications space who should be congratulated:

Andy Abramson, through his VoIP Watch, has been recognized on the Industry Standard’s Top 25 B-to-Z List Blogs for his ongoing and often in-depth coverage. From the citation:

VoIP Watch

As the title suggests, Internet telephony is the name of the game here, but Andy Abramson also touches on the uses of voice over IP, such as telecommuting and how people access the Internet for voice calls, such as public Wi-Fi.


— Skype’s Silverman—Umm, Not Exactly: "How much of a genius does one need to be to realize that the reason many eBay sellers are on eBay is that they DON’T want to talk with their customers?"

— Can You Hear Me Clearly?: "Audio conferencing is clearly changing from where it was a few years ago … old-school conference companies should take notice and be getting scared."

Ken Camp and Sheryl Breuker have acquired moving disease (or moving mania?). They just moved to a new home in Olympia, WA where Ken has been a IT manager for the State of Washington for several years. Last week arose an opportunity for Ken to architect and lead the IP network integration of a business activity that has been carried on since Adam Beck led the effort that resulted in Ontario’s first hydroelectric power generating station at Niagara Falls over a hundred years ago. And, in creating what become Ontario Hydro, Sir Adam (Canadians could be granted knighthood in those days) used a slogan that could be a rallying cry for today’s net neutrality debate:

"Power at Cost" and in Latin, "dona naturae pro populo sunt" ("the gifts of nature are for the public")

Congratulations, Ken, and we look forward to your contribution to the convergence of the Internet with a long standing public utility business process. Let us know what it’s like to move every three weeks!

Full disclosure: the author attended a high school that was the closest neighbor of, and arch-sports rival to, Sir Adam Beck Collegiate referenced in the Wiki article. And this is my first use of Latin since studying it in high school decades ago.

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