CNN Puts Skype in the Picture

Hard on the heels of Skype’s use to dialogue with individual viewers for Oprah’s Monday evening classes, CNN found itself needing to interview an analyst who was vacationing at a remote location in Hawaii when the Elliott Spitzer scandal broke Monday evening. From Paul Gough’s Hollywood Reporter story:

Toobin, who went to Harvard Law School with Spitzer, appeared via telephone Monday from Maui to contribute to the coverage. For the second day, CNN executives wanted to use a video feed but were stymied by the fact that they didn’t have the equipment to make it happen.

"I didn’t want to take this guy and his family away from vacation and send him to Oahu (where there would be other facilities)," CNN senior vp David Bohrman said. "I thought it would have been really annoying."

Turns out that some CNN technicians had been experimenting with Skype and jumped at the chance to use Skype Video for this interview when no other video resources were within reasonable proximity at the analyst’s location in Hawaii. Of course they could have found prior experience by talking with CITY-TV in Toronto who have been using Skype video (even pre-High Quality Video) for about a year now for reports.

Is this a foreboding whereby CNN will have no limits as to where they can reach Skypers when appropriate within the context of a story?

By the way, Oprah’s second class with A New Earth author Eckhart Tolle went quite smoothly this past Monday night with claims that over 2 million have now watched at least one viewing of either of the two classes to

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