Click-to-Call: Skype 1, Google {Many}

In a game where the lowest number wins! Google announced a Click-to-Call feature for Google Maps yesterday. So I go to Google Maps, select Businesses, enter “restaurants” into the Type of Business box and “Mississauga {Home Postal Code}” into the “Where” box. And I get:

Click on B for Golden View Restaurants (where we obtain our annual New Year’s Eve party food) and I get the pop-up below on the right. Click on Send to Phone and I get the pop-up asking for my phone number and my carrier — except there are only U.S. carriers listed (and all Telco 1.0)! 3 clicks plus 10 characters (to enter your phone number). Except I live in Canada ….hmmm ….

Or, since I have installed the Skype 3.0 Beta with its Click-to-Call feature, I can simply pick up my UConnect-enabled Nortel phone, dial **, (or pick up a USB-connected VoIPvoice Cyberphone) and click on the Skypified link under the restaurant’s listing on the left:. I then click OK on the “Start SkypeOut” confirmation window. Call initiated; no Telco 1.0 carrier designation required! (And note that Skype 3.0’s Click-to-Call recognizes that it is a Canadian phone number.) One click to place the call; one to acknowledge that there could be a charge involved.

A simple example of what Martin is talking about in his Telco 2.0 “Death of the Phone Company” post.

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