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My legs are just recovering from walking miles on Wednesday and Thursday in an attempt to see all the exhibits involving Skype. A full post outlining what I found will follow in the next day or so. Am taking the weekend off in Las Vegas where we have seen some interesting country outside Las Vegas (Valley of Fire and drove the Virgin River Gorge – aka I-15 in northwest corner of Arizona).

Today I want to acknowledge the contribution to our efforts at CES made by the BlogHaus team who set new benchmarks for hosting bloggers at a conference. With 24/7 access, a 20Mbps pipe, over a dozen work locations, laptops for those without their own along with free food and drink (and occasionally some entertainment), I would like to acknowledge the support of Seagate, Intel and Microsoft as sponsors and the Podtech team’s resources in organizing and managing BlogHaus. Just a tremendous effort. Kudos to Robert and Maryam Scoble and John and Linda Furrier for coming up with the idea and providing the execution leadership.

Highlights included:

  • Meeting for the first time many fellow bloggers, including Robert Scoble, photoblogger Thomas Hawk and AximSite/MobilitySite‘s Chris Leckness.
  • The bear pit conversations that spontaneously combusted, especially a very animated discussion that occurred the evening of the Apple iPhone announcement.
  • Watching Bill Gates keynote in an atmosphere that permitted immediate blogging as well as seeing one of the new Windows Vista hardware platforms appear at the time in the speech when these platforms were announced. (Much more effective than being in the physical location of the keynote presentation.)
  • Having a chance to get informal feedback on Skype usage by bloggers. While many use it (including some who record for podcasts), others still have their hangups such as voice quality issues on SkypeOut calls.

Here are a few photos taken at various times (requires Flash player) over the four days. But I do need some names to round them out; please use the Comments to get them right.

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