CES 2008 – A Final Roundup of Coverage

CES 2008 generated a few items in the blogosphere that may be of interest to our readers.

Mobivox gets Scoblized: Nitzan Shaer, COO of Mobivox, whose calling service provides access to your Skype contacts from any phone device, was interviewed for one of the last editions of the Scoble Show. Hat tip to Andy.

Don Albert, Skype’s North American General Manager, was interviewed by CBC News reporter Peter Nowak. Of particular interest to Canadians is Don’s response about SkypeIn numbers for Canada:

PN: You don’t offer SkypeIn in Canada because regulations require phone service operators to offer enhanced 911, which allows the operator to locate where a caller is. What are you doing about this situation?

DA: That is the gist of it. We are working on it and we hear from Canadian users all the time that they want to have that available, so we’ve been working with partners who we think can help us with a solution there. We’re hopeful that in the course of this year we’ll be able to offer that.

In this interview Don also addresses some misconceptions about getting access to Skype via wireless carriers.

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