Blackberry, Skype and Skype Journal Lose a True Friend

Russell Shaw, journalist, Blackberry and VoIP blogger passed away a short time ago in his eComm 2008 hotel room. Andy has more details here.

Russell was a probing, knowledgeable blogger who always sought to bring out the reality behind a story. But he was also fair; he praised achievement when it was earned; he never hesitated, through his wit, to raise a problematic issue when it was required.

When I first saw he was referencing some of my Skype Journal posts, it was the first confirmation I had that somebody out there actually read our posts and took them seriously. I finally met Russell quite by chance when he was sitting at a table next to me in the press room at Fall VON in Boston last October. He had his Blackberry and was trying out IM+ for Skype as he was sitting next to Shape Services’ Vice-President of Marketing when this picture was taken. At Andy’s dinner later that evening I had more opportunity to talk with him; then he put me on the spot in a broader discussion for my comments on the eBay-Skype relationship and where it was heading. We communicated occasionally by email after that meeting but really we communicated much more frequently through our mutual posts about Skype and Blackberry. The communications world has lost a true fan and supporter of innovation.

Ironically his last IP Telephony post (for mature eyes only) was a commentary on Phil’s recent post on SPIM.

Thank you, Russell, for what you have brought to this world and your contribution to its conversations.

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