Beware Phishers of Skype Account Info II

I reported on this last June but it appears Russell Shaw has recently received virtually the same e-mail, via his Comcast email account, warning him of ominous things happening to his Skype account if he does not follow through with a certain verification process. Only the date (still in bold red) has been changed to protect the "currency"; the grammatical errors remain. Russell goes on to say:

My first impression was a three-parter:

  1. How in the hell did this get through? Comcast email has a decent (I didn’t say very good, I said decent) filter.
  2. Who is this dumbass and where is he from? Is he doing the bidding of some rich guy in a dacha, or is he simply a college kid logging on from some Internet cafe in a dusty place where the chants from the bazaar can be heard from the street outside?
  3. Who would fall for this moo goo ?

Indulging my curiosity – but not my common sense- I went to”Click here” and did just that.

Read his post to see what happened.

Warning to phishers: as described in my previous post on this email the most you will theoretically get from a Skype account is $50 of Skype services that have to be used by that account. (And the real account owner will get an email advising him/her that such services have been purchased.) No negotiable currency available; no access to a Paypal account.

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